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JA Volunteer Spotlight: Eric Judge


  1. How long have you been involved with JA?I rejoined JA as a volunteer the last 7 years. Earlier in my career, I had volunteered for a few of the JA in a Day programs.
  2. What got you involved with JA?I enjoy sharing my knowledge with young people and JA makes it easy with the various JA curriculums/programs. To my pleasant surprise, I have found students even in the second grade thoroughly enjoy it.
  3. What is your favorite JA story or moment?When I decided to re-engage in teaching the JA programs seven years ago, my office was located in Vernon, CT and that is where I wanted to volunteer.  Accordingly, I submitted my volunteer paperwork and stated that I preferred working with middle or high school students. The JA coordinator informed me that the only opportunities in Vernon were at the elementary school. I initially was prepared to refuse that opportunity as I thought working with the older children was my strength. After some serious consideration, I decided to give it a try. I went to the elementary school and taught the civic program to that age group. After I completed the first lesson, one student raised his hand to ask a question. When I called on the student, he stated with disappointment "is that it?". Due to my preparation that I had put in to delivering that lesson, I felt crushed by that second grader's comment. Well, I figuratively picked myself back up and taught the remaining 5 lessons. On the last day of class that same child raised his hand to ask a question. I anxiously dreaded calling on him with the mental scare still present from my first encounter with him. Therefore, I slowly called on him to ask his question. The little boy said "Mr. Judge is this the last class?", I responded "Yes, it is." He retorted with serious disappointment "Awwww!". In the flash of a second, I now had the approval of my hardest critic and wanted to even teach the JA programs to the younger students. I continued happily teaching the JA programs at that elementary school for a few more years before I was requested to move my business office to Glastonbury, CT.
  4. Why are you passionate about JA?It allows me to share my business and economics knowledge with students.
  5. What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?Read books about business and investments

Thank you, Eric, for your great support, commitment, and dedication to Junior Achievement! 

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